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Benefits of Waist Training

So you’re wondering whats the benefits of this whole Waist training thing?

There are many benefits to waist training some physical and guess what? It turns out there are even a few psychological benefits too

Here’s a few of the popular ones:

Physical Benefits

1. Improves Your Posture- yes ladies, if you have problems with slouching/hunching and sitting upright like your mom tried teaching you many moons ago, then hello waist trainer! This wonderful invention not only helps you to sit straight and upright but keeps you from unconsciously slouching while you sit or stand. This can be a huge benefit if you have  a job that is hard on the back or requires you do a lot of standing, lifting or hunching in front of a computer. The waist trainer will support your back and you'll feel the results each time you wear it.

2. Lifts Your Bust- Enjoy the added benefit of an almost instant boob job.Your boobs will be lifted also giving the appearance of a bigger bust if you’re already gifted in that department. Your boobs will thank you and seemingly defy gravity and its side effects- saggy boobs. As I like to say- “the coffee effect” What’s that you ask? Well it’s simple, on a morning most coffee lovers don’t become fully awake until they smell or taste their morning coffee and then just like that they’re up, all the way up, no hope of going back to sleep up. Your under bust waist trainer has a similar effect on your boobs. They’ll be up and gravity defying in no time at all. Perky and ready to hit the outdoors, looking just great!

3. Helps With Back Pain – by acting like a brace to support back muscles.

4. Can be used to Enhance your Workout Routines- Use while walking, doing squats, and a host of other exercises and supports long term waist reduction goals. Note that your results depends on a variety of factors including your fitness level, frequency of wear and genetics. But take it from us; many women who try waist training are not disappointed with the results. Examples include, Amber Rose, Kardashian sisters and Jessica Alba etc.

5. Helps burn extra fat and get rid of water weight- a waist trainer stimulates thermal activity in your core, making you sweat harder therefore maximizing your workout's intensity. It also helps you to maintain good posture and proper form in a variety of exercise positions which ensures that you are working the right muscles during your exercises.

6. Gives you a Sexy Hourglass Figure- Who doesn’t want that right? The waist cincher/trainer pulls in the mid-section giving you a smaller waist, and at the same time lifts your bust making it appear fuller and lifted. Also since the waist looks smaller, the hips look broader, thus giving you a better and more curvy and flattering overall body shape.

7. Conceal post pregnancy weight- If you’re new mom eager to get your pre-baby body back, a waist trainer/cincher can help you feel feminine and sexy again by giving you the appearance of an instantly slim waistline while you work your body back into shape.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

8. Helps you Control Food Cravings- wearing a waist trainer can help you control food cravings that usually leads to overeating. It may also help you to feel fuller faster. We recommend waist training with a healthy diet and regular exercise—it can provide you with that extra .

9. Increase Self Confidence- By standing with tall posture and slimming your waistline, you may feel more self-confident. While confidence doesn't come from physical appearance alone, giving yourself this boost can be a step in the right direction.

10. Has a positive psychological impact on  the wearer - According to Lucy from Lucy’s corsetry, Corsets are worn by many to ward off depression, panic attacks or generalized anxiety – the corset provides Deep Pressure Therapy and feels like a secure, constant hug, which is naturally comforting to many people, the way that being swaddled is comforting to a child. Pressure on the abdomen can also somewhat negate the “butterfly in stomach” and nausea symptoms associated with anxiety.

In short it’s no wonder that many women continue to use or are beginning to use waist trainers/cinchers and those who have been wearing them seemed so pleased with the results they've seen. Not only do corsets and cinchers look amazing, but they may make the wearer feel great both inside and out. We strongly believe that once you start wearing a waist trainer or cincher, you'll wonder how you ever did without one.

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