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How To Begin Waist Training –Pt 2


Today we continue with part two of our how to begin waist training series. We discussed wearing the trainer and moving on as your waist shrinks to a smaller size. Today we’ll discuss just how we purchase a trainer. When purchasing your waist trainer, you will need to consider several factors. These include but are not limited to:

· Your budget- how much are you willing to spend on your waist trainer or corset? This is a long term commitment and you will require more than one trainer and have to change sizes regularly depending on the amount of inches you aim to lose form your waistline.

· Your personal preference/taste- What style and colors do you like? You need to decide if you want something with lacing like a corset that laces at the back, or something that closes at the front only like a latex hook and eye style trainer. Also you need to decide what materials do you prefer? Do you prefer Latex, non-latex or materials like satin? Do you want something plain or patterned? Also what colors are you fond of? Do you want something bold and colorful or basic and plain? There are a large quantity of styles and colors of trainers and corsets to choose from so the decision is one that will require some thought and consideration on your part. Below are just two examples of some of the styles we offer.

· How many trainers/corsets do you want initially- Do you want to just buy one or do you want multiple styles to see which one suits your needs best? Once you’ve decided on a style or styles we recommend always buying at least two, so when you wash one you can wear the other and switch between the two. Remember, styles and colors can be mixed and matched, there’s no rule that says you have to be boring right? For example, you can choose a black or nude 3 hook latex style for under clothing for work and go with a more colorful and bold style for outside clothing for the gym or home etc.

· Where will you be using your trainer- Do you plan to waist train at home only, at home and work or do you just want something to wear while you exercise (this is not waist training in a serious sense) for this article we will concentrate on serious waist training which requires daily wear of the trainer for at least 2-8 hours per day every day. We should reiterate that waist training is a gradual process that demands time and consistency for lasting results and should be combined with exercise and a healthy diet for best results.

Your style of trainer or corset depends on all of these factors and should be carefully considered before purchasing your trainer. Of course we offer many styles and colors for you to choose from so feel free to visit our waist training department on our website and contact us for your waist trainer.

After selecting your style, you will need to measure yourself to order your trainer from us. This can be done using a measuring tape. For most of our waist trainers we require your waist measurement in inches, if you are super tall or short we suggest you also measure your torso length also referred to as torso height. If you have decided to go with a trainer vest in addition to your waist and torso measurement we may also need your bust measurement, these should always be provided in inches when required by our sales representatives. You can visit our how to measure guide on our website by clicking the link below for help in measuring.

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