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How To Begin Waist Training- pt 1

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

As mentioned in our earlier post, waist training is a gradual process that requires time, dedication and lots of sweat!!! If you've decided to waist train, then I'm guessing you want the best possible results in the shortest possible time, right? The question is how do you achieve this? The answer is simple, you must understand the process and how to apply it to get the best possible results.

Waist training is a means of permanent waist-reduction and re-shaping and this practice requires discipline and is best achieved when the following 3 things work in unity: 

•Waist Cinching using a traditional boned corset •Regular Exercise

•Healthy Diet

If any of these 3 components are lacking or neglected your results will be slower and the process more difficult . So,what are the steps to follow for correct waist-training? 

Step 1- Starting Your Waist Training

Your body must become accustomed to the constriction of waist training. A new garment/trainer must be broken in otherwise you can damage the garment. The first few weeks of wearing the corset you must not over train, go slowly and pace yourself. Begin by wearing the corset 2-4 hours per day. Gradually add one hour or two to your daily waist training regimen until you are able to wear the corset through out the entire day.

If your corset has more than one row, (e.g our 7 steel bone style, standard waist trainer, Ann Chery animal workout cinchers) wear the corset on the first row of hooks. Once the garment is worn-in you can then begin to use the second set of hooks making the corset tighter and in the case of the 3 hooks corsets then on to the third.

As your waist becomes smaller the corset or trainer will become comfortable and will not feel as tight. If you have purchased the 14 or 24 steel bones styles with adjustable lacing then tighten gradually and when your waist begins shrinking your corset will feel looser than usual on the tightest pulling, this means you should now purchase a smaller corset, a size smaller or even 2 sizes smaller depending on how much your waist has shrunk. If you're using one of our latex styles then go to the next row of hooks until you have gone through all two rows (for our latex styles with two rows of hooks) or three row of hooks depending on the style you have. When finished with all the rows on the cincher/trainer it's time for a new one. Now you can progress to the next size down as part of your continued waist-reduction regimen. Bear in mind that individual’s body shapes are different. 

Join us for our next posts when we will discuss diet and exercise.

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