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Benefits Of Postpartum Waist Training

For most of us women, waist training is usually the last thing on our minds after giving birth to our babies. After all, motherhood brings with it a multitude of new challenges like sleepless nights, a host of new mom anxieties and more often than not as new moms finding time to take care of yourself is usually overlooked or pushed aside for later.

However, wearing a waist trainer after giving birth can be very beneficial to new moms. Just to be clear a waist trainer won't help you lose that baby weight, get skinnier or regain the stomach you had before giving birth. However it can provide the following benefits:

Boosts Your Confidence

After nine months of nausea and sickness, regular doctor visits and tests not to mention looking at your body change dramatically in size and shape and wearing clothes that were larger than what you were accustomed to, you may want to be able to return to your regular clothes, get back into your favorite skinny jeans and return to normal. While some people can, for the majority it’s not possible just yet.

Even the shirts or tops you used to wear before you were pregnant, may make you feel frumpy and unattractive. If you put on a waist trainer, however, its gives you that mental boost and may help you wear your old clothes with more confidence, as your stomach is firmly held under the high-quality latex or compression fabric.

Provides A Level of Comfort

Wearing a waist trainer can provide you with comfort. This may might seem like a strange idea to put waist training and comfort together, but wearing a waist trainer/ girdle, after having a baby can be very comfortable. If you buy a good high-quality trainer, you can benefit from feeling less “loose” around the abdominal area. It may also make you feel more comfortable to sit up in the days after giving birth. While there’s no reason to jump back into a fitness regimen with your waist trainer just yet especially if your doctor has not checked you out, it helps to know that you can feel just a little more comfortable.

Helps With Posture and Relieves Pain

As every new mom or mom-to-be knows, back pain and posture can be a real problem in the months leading up to and after giving birth. After all with carrying around the weight of a baby, you are sure to experience some degree of pain. However, many new moms who started waist training have found that waist trainers provided them with much needed relief for back and pelvic pain and the additional support meant reduced pain. Our belly binder can be used for post partum recovery and especially good for support.

Provides Abdominal and Back Support

After giving birth, your abdominal area doesn’t immediately go back to your prior pregnancy state. However, many new mothers, myself included have found that using a waist trainer after giving birth is helpful, and their tummy area felt tighter and more supported, it also helps reduce discomfort around the scar site for those who have had a C-section. And of course, the back support helps with the back pains often experienced after giving birth.

3 Panel Abdominal Binder For Postpartum Recovery
3 Panel Abdominal Binder For Postpartum Recovery

How To Select the Best Waist Trainer

Choosing the best trainer depends on several factors such as your budget, desired comfort level, individual style and color preference. We have many styles and comfort levels as well as trainers for every budget. See our waist training section for more styles and contact us if you need guidance and help to choose the best waist trainer for you.

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