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10 Tips To A Slim Waistline

If you ask most women what's their main problem area, I'm sure you'll be told "my waistline or "tummy" area. This is not surprising as it seems the tummy area is one of the fastest area of a woman's body to put on weight. Is it me, or is it a fact, that if you only look at a cookie, fudge or God forbid KFC too hard, your waistline/tummy just doubles in size! Well to be honest most of us don’t look...we consume and in great quantity too.

Then once we’re finished eating and satisfying those cravings, like a well-trained lethal boxer our reflection knocks us in the face as we stand face to face with our deadly enemy….The Mirror

Here, we are confronted with the error of our ways…..yes ladies, the belly reflection. We turn and twist in front of the mirror, most times asking why did I eat that? or scolding ourselves or making vain wishes like -I wish I had a flatter tummy. Yes ladies, its happened to almost all of us, at some point in our lives.

And if diet isn’t the only culprit, for some of us who have given birth add to the mix this not so little thing  called “The Mummy Tummy”.  The "mummy tummy" is our reward, and though we love our sweet children with all of our hearts, the belly/midsection changes that resulted....well let’s just say we could do without that! That soft giggly, pouch where our little one once lived, is now vacant but yet appears to be occupied….lol.

For those of us who once had flat mid sections or nearly flat ones, the changes we now see may fill us with dissatisfaction and longing for our past tummies and restoration to our pre-pregnancy bodies.

So what can we really do? Is this a battle worth fighting? Well, dear reader that’s for you to decide. But my personal answer is Yes.

To solve any problem there are 2 main steps- (1) Identify the problem and (2) Find solution to said Problem, and so we shall.

In this case overall weight loss needs to be accomplished to reduce the "Tummy/Belly".

How can you reduce your Belly fat? Reduce overall body fat. You must get your total body fat reduced to see a change in the tummy /mid section area. It could also be bloating, so this must be addressed too. Now that we’ve identified the problem ……it’s time for a solution.

And this brings me to my Tips and Tricks....

Tip # 1

Create Your Plan- First thing first, you need a plan. And it should be one you’re willing to stick too.

Before you make war, its best to have a plan. And the war here, is with you, your body and your will. Decide what you want. What is your goal? Is it your goal to lose weight, get healthy or get toned or a combination of these?

Tip # 2

Drink More Water & Green Tea- Maybe you don’t drink enough water or you don’t like the taste of water. Gradually increase your water intake until your body becomes accustomed to te new amount. Don’t go from 3 glasses if that’s your normal amount to 6 glasses. Try adding 1 glass extra for the day. Do this for 1 week or maybe 2 weeks. Then add another glass and you’re up to 5 glasses. Train your body gradually. This will help you to continue and you won tget fed up and quit if you do it gradually. Also, if you hate the taste of plain water, squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice in your water and it will add a nice citrus flavor. You can also do fruit or cucumber flavored water by adding pieces of fruit or cucumber to a jug of water or bottled water and chilling for a few hours. The water will take on the taste of whatever fruit you used and will be tasty and also healthy. Also adding a cup or two of green tea to your daily routine helps burn fat and is great for the immune system. 

Tip #3

Detoxify your body- One of the best way to feel better is to detoxify your body. As mentioned in tip #1 drinking more water is great to help in the detox process. However if you feel like you need additional help try a teatox (drinking certain teas that is filled with detoxifying ingredients). We do have a few great ones you can purchase through our site. You can also try a juice cleanse. A word of caution though, if you suffer from any medical conditions always consult your doctor for help or guidance before trying any detox or cleanse program. Look out for our detox post which will be posted in the future.

Tip # 4

Eat more Green Leafy Vegetables & Fruits- If you’re unaccustomed to this, start by adding one salad a day, either with your meal or as a snack. Your salads can be a mixture of greens or greens and fruits. Leafy vegetables and fruits are a great source of healthy antioxidants and nutrients that will not only make you feel good but look good too, think healthier and glowing skin . However if you’re trying to lose weight, look for less sugary fruits. Think chow- mango, plum,pomerac any type you desire and semi /half ripened fruits where possible. Also moderation, you can have any fruit in moderation. Think smaller portions than you would usually have.

Tip #5

Exercise- Yes ladies the dreaded word for many of us. Unfortunately, its one of the best ways to achieve your weight loss goals. The amount you do should vary depending on your current level of fitness such as none, mildly fit, moderately fit to I’m a fitness instructor fit and can’t be stopped…lol.

If you’re the level of none- meaning you’re idea of fit is no exercise consistently or you only exercise in you’re dreams where you’re chased by someone or something, then I recommend start slow and steady.

Start with at least 15 mins of walking, or research some beginner exercises, and stay tuned to our page because we will be posting exercises and other essential stuff soon! If you can afford it, join a yoga or zumba class. If not exercise at home, do what you can and gradually you will be able to do more and workout harder. The key is to be determined and consistent. Each journey starts with the first step!

Tip # 6

Waist Training- The internet is filled with women who swear by it as well as celebrities with amazing curves who sport their trainers proudly. Think the Kardashian sisters, Kim, Chloe, Khourtney, celebrites like Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and Jessica Alba and the list goes on. Waist training helps to give you a curvy figure by cinching in or pulling in the waistline. This is a gradual process for those seeking permanent change, but if you want an instant curvy girl look, wear under clothing and you’ll see great results! Anyone who has ever worn  a waist trainer/cincher can truly say it  works wonders even if its worn just for instant reduction of the waist/tummy and midsection area. We have tons of different styles to choose from so go ahead and contact us we will gladly help you decide on a style for your personal needs.

Tip # 7

Get Rid of Stress - You heard me right ladies, it’s time to kick your stress to the curb.

Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol  also known as the stress hormone, that does a host of terrible things to your body including, lowering your immune function and bone density , interfering with memory and concentration, increases weight gain, blood pressure and risk of heart disease and the list continues. See our article on Dealing with Stress!

Tip # 8

Stay Motivated/ Inspired- Motivation is key to ensure you stay on the right track. Motivation can come through self-motivation, where you find ways to motivate yourself or with help from others such as a close friens, spouse, family member or support group. Look at positive things that will encourage you to stick with it. Success wont come easy especially if you have lots of weight to lose, but persistence is key. Read books, look at shows like the biggest loser, if they could do it then so can you. Browse the internet for success stories, info and general inspiration. Read useful articles, find healthy recipes and just keep your smaller you in mind….you’re not there yet but you’re on you’re way and better than yesterday.

Tip #9

Prayer- Now you might think this is funny, but for me being a Christian is about allowing God (Jesus) into every part of my life. Especially those areas where I see my own weaknesses. God is the source of strength I turn to for help in any and every situation to do what seems impossible. Ask God to strengthen you and your will, to lose weight, get healthy and make better life choices. As Christians we are taught that our body is the temple of God. How would you treat God’s home? Again when you’re tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, skip your exercise or just quit and give up, ask god for his strength. I do believe with God all things are possible and he is always present to help when you need him. Prayer also relieves stress and can be a great source of motivation, two key areas addressed above.

Tip # 10

Fasting- Fasting is a well-known practice and is not only good for your spirit but your body as well, as it gives the body time to cleanse and heal itself. There are many types of fasts such as traditional no food fasts where food is restricted for a period of time,liquid fasts where only juice or light soups are consumed for a period of time or even a fruit fast, where nothing but fruit is eaten for a short period of time . Before going on a fast it is wise to consult your doctor especially if you have any medical conditions for their approval and advice , then decide what type of fasting is best for you, do your research and plan.

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